Saturday, November 20, 2004

Too nice? or Too Naive?

This is some of my thoughts i wrote a few months ago...

Questions have been pondering in my mind. There are too many people (especially this week) telling me that I'm too being too nice! One of my dillemas is, is this a personality/charater that I should maintain? or i should just stop being stupid and naive.

Let's see. The people who told me this are ranged from normal friends to best friend. Well, for the hang out/normal friends, I could probably explain it. Generally, people wouldn't show their true self in front of everyone. Only those close ones would get to see my true self as they spent more time hanging out with me, listen to all my bullshit, and also be with me during bad times! These are the friends that I would not mind showing them the worst in me. But on second thought, I never mind about showing people the "bad/stupid/blur" side of me.

Well, there is this random friend of mine who told me, 'Grace, you are such a nice girl'. Alright, any girl who come across this sentense, would know that that's a normal pick up line of guys. So, I didn't really pay much attention into it. Then, this friend of mine who knows a little bit more about me, told me that I'm being too nice sometimes. But I was thinking to myself, isn't that what people normally do? Well, maybe he is right! Sometimes, I'm just being too nice till I forgotten about protecting myself at the same time. Ok, I'll accept that advice and try to be careful.


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