Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Jonathan had his graduation ceremony yesterday. I have to sneak out of the lecture to attend the picture session after his graduation ceremony. Well, I was suppose to go on Monday during the afternoon with all the others but it was raining really heavily + I couldn't find any parking + I have no umbrella (lost it again!).

Anyway, I was running all the way up to the upper campus and I saw so many graduates along the way! To tell you the truth, I'll get really excited when I see the graduates with all their graduate gowns with the hat thingy. I've always imagined how my graduation would be or how would I look like if I am wearing that gown thingy since the first time I see graduates in uni, which was 4 years ago. I've always feel that that is such a long way for me to go! But on the other hand, I would tell myself that time passes in the blink of an eye, my turn will come very soon (which is true, coz this is my last semester!).

That was just some few minutes thoughts when I was walking to the Clancy Auditorium. When I saw Jonathan, I was really excited and happy for him! He looked so good in the graduation gown! And so were the others! All of them just looked so intellectual in that gown!

After that, we started hunting for nice scenery to take picture! We started it out by taking pictures in front of Clancy Auditorium and the library lawn. I must admit that even though UNSW has a relatively small compound compare to UniSyd and MacQUni, it has quite some 'photogenic' sceneries. Especially when we get to this spot where you can overlook the Quadrangle, that is an awesome view! Oh yea, I forgot to mentioned that we met yees (my housemate) along the way, and she took a shot of that view with Jonathan. Shortly after that, we went to uni main walk way and Computer Science building to take some memorable shots. That concludes my picture session with Jonathan as I still have to rush for another lecture!

Alright, you must be thinking that why is my blog has nothing to do with the title I put? Well, the dilemma I had from this is the confusion of whether to graduate or not. I'm sure most of the students would have some similar dilemma as me. I'm dying to get out of this studying shitz as I've been studying for the past 15 years! But on the other hand, I don't want to work! I still want to enjoy my life, bludge at home, watch Oprah when im free during 2pm-3pm, watch queer eye on Monday, watch OC on Tuesday, clubbing on Thursday occasionally as I don't have to wake up early for work the next day...etc, etc. At the same time, I guess I'm just had some fear of facing the corporate world. I've always heard a lot of stories of backstabbing, betraying, bitching behind the back, setting trap etc, etc in the working world! However, this is part of my growing up process! It's not that I have never experience these kind of ugly scenario! Anyway, I concluded that I'm just plain lazy, end of discussion.

And now, I'm just sitting here blogging, chatting online and doing nothing (I'm really tired coz I'm lack of sleep but i know it's juz some lame excuses!). Did I mention that I just cancelled my group meeting at 5pm? Gosh!


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