Friday, October 22, 2004


I had such a stress morning. Was wide awake at about 7 something in the morning due to my forgetful nature: I forgot to close the window; Result: my ears have to suffer the noise pollution since 6 something in the morning as my apartment is located near the main road. I lazed around until my alarm clock rang, which is 8am. However, due to the procrastinating nature, I snooze till around 8 something. After all the 'daily washing', I had a traditional breakfast (coffee with arnott's biscuits for dipping, love that!).

Alright, cut all the crap. I reached uni at about 930am when the class was suppose to be 10am. Well, I thought my groupmate had received my SMS for her yesterday saying that I wouldn't be going to the meeting yesterday but to have a quick one this morning. Weirdly, she didn't receive. Oh well, nevermind about that. Unexpectedly, I managed to do some preparation and some figure calculation in that half and hour! That is why I always think that morning is a better time to study, or do whatever work that requires the brain.

Anyway, the whole negotiation went on for 3 freaking hours. The whole situation were pretty tense throughout the whole negotiation, especially at the beginning. There is always one hot tempered person in every group; and in my group, that will be Cecilia. As for the other group, that girl was even 'HOT' than her! Me and the others fall into the position as the fire bridged and have to save the fire before they could burn down the building! The whole negotiation were less tense on the 3rd hour as all of us are pretty tired and just felt like getting this over and done with! At the same time, both sides were making a lot of concession just to reach an agreement.

After some lunch and rest at home, I went back to the uni to observe another negotiation! This negotiation was so dramatic! During the whole negotiation, the Teacher's Association representatives was having so many dramatic phone calls saying that all the teachers were calling in to on their progress and they felt really pressured on this matter, etc. etc... Besides, hey have also threaten the Board's representative that they will go on strike if they don't reach an agreement and all the media and teachers were waiting outside to wait for their results! This is such a Big Whoo Haa!!! They have apply the tactics they learned in the lectures! However, the board's representative stay firm on their ground and never move a single bit. They were so calm in battling with the teacher's aggressiveness and dramas! During the last 30 minutes (they have only negotiated for 2 hours), the teachers have no choice but to offer a package to the board to agree on as they are running out of time. In that half an hour, they have spend their time looking into the package and clearly, the teachers have made quite a big concession on that. Just like us, they have ended where they just want to get it over and done with!

After observing their negotiation, I felt that I was so soft during my negotiation with the teachers as I kept on thinking that I am on the less fortunate side. But as I've describe before, I could have done better by standing really firm on my ground as I should have thought that teachers would also want to reach an agreement as they would not want to loose their job! I shouldn't have given in so much as they took advantage of us step by step! All these has made me think further on my future. Do I have to work in this cruel world? If you watched the Apprentice yesterday night, you would know what am I talking about. Mr. Trump just fire the guy who volunteer himself in the board room as he thought that he would definitely not be the one who get fired. Unfortunately, Mr. Trump did not think that way! He thought that that was a stupid decision as it would caused his company to fall if he use it in reality! Trump was right in some sense, but that guy just sacrifice himself just to avoid the other from getting into the board room and get fired! Has the world forgotten to see the good side of him? Has the world forgotten how to appreciate people's sacrifices? Has the world forgotten how to be grateful? All these have once again reminded me that I have to be part of it. I have deal with it and deal with it! Just like my negotiation, I ought to be more firm on my ground as I would get a lower mark in my negotiation report if the lecturers think I am the weaker ones! And I do not want that! Besides, I've contributed in helping the other team to score a higher mark than me! I do not want that as well!

Anyway, all these have pull me back from my ideal world. I've always known that this world is cruel; but on the other side of me tells me that there are still some good side in this world. Now, I doubt about it. What is the ratio of good and bad in this world? Is the percentage of the good side so low that you can barely notice it or there are still noticeable? I'm not so sure about the answer now.


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