Saturday, October 16, 2004


-To put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness.

Procastinate. Laziness. These are the words that I use to describe myself recently. You might ask, why? I'm sure all of you could answer that yourselves as most of us have that characteristic (or is it a personality?). But the main question is, why am I so lazy eventhough I have tons and tons of assignments piling up around? Hah, that's where the core is.

I've been thinking, and still thinking. Maybe...Lack of motivation? Yes, motivation can be the main cause of most of the thing you do. If you have the motivation, you can basically move one mountain from one place to another. But, if you don't have any motivation, I don't think you would bother to kill a mosquito that is sucking your blood (exaggerated).

So now, the question is what moves the motivation? Or do you need another motivation to motivates you to do something? Sounds confusing? I am confuse too. Well, lets put it this way. There might some environment issues that can motivates you to do something? Yes, environment issues. That can be the cause that demotivates you or motivates you! For example, my brother aimed to score straight As in his exam; so, this motivates him to have some self study time everyday. Yes, EVERYDAY. You might think he is a nerd, because I think he is a nerd sometimes; and he is only 15! Can you imagine, 15 year old boys, who would normally drown themselves into computer games, would have self motivation to STUDY? Well, stop going deeper into this issue, this is just an example. Back to where we were. So, the environmental issue that motivates my brother, could be that his class are very competitive in terms of academic? Or my mum might put a lot of pressure on him? Or as what my mum said, he look up to me so much that he aimed to surpass me one day? I hope this is not the main reason as I've said, I am a super lazy person as a student. Another example; a guy would do anything for a girl (or vice versa) when he is in love. Yeap, ONLY when he is IN LOVE, which will normally be the honeymoon period of a relationship (first 5 months? I made a concession to that, its normally first 2 months, according to my male friend) So, what is the environmental issue that motivates him? The feeling of love or being loved. This feeling made them do anything to maintain the relationship as most of the couple whom together for more than 2 years, wouldn't be bother to create any sparks to maintain the relationship as they are too used to each other's presence.

Back to my business. So what kind of environmental issue that could motivates me to do my work? The deadlines? Oh yes, the deadline is definitely one of the main reason for me to finish on time. But those are last minute job! So how can I prevent myself from this habit? Well, group assignments would motivates me as I would normally finish my group work earlier because all my group assignment have a "group members evaluation" where you will have to evaluate each team members based on their performances. But, what about my individuals? I normally complete my individual assignment last minute! Sometimes, I would lie to myself and put the deadline one day earlier in my diary so that I could procrastinate for another day. I know that is self denial, and it doesn't really work!

ANYWAY, I couldn't come out with any solution on this. Guess I would have to stop now and get back to my work. Hah, blogspot has indirectly contribute to my laziness.