Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Sydney! Here I am!!!

Just came back 2 days ago. Landed in Sydney at about 8am. To be honest, it's one of the worst flight ever! Flew off from Kuala Lumpur at about 915pm (M'sia time), n had "dinner" at about 11pm! Gosh, can you imagine!? And then, when I wanted to get some sleep, those people around me were talking so loudly! Man, I just wanted some peace! That's not the end. We had our breakfast at 330am in the morning (630am sydney time). This is sooo bad to my biorhythm!

Anyway, reached home at about 10am. got myself some sleep till 230pm i think. Got online, unpacked my luggage, cleaned the house (especially the kitchen) etc etc...and there, my gay friends called! What's the event of the night? Hot Pot in Ashfield! Wow, nice one! Can't wait to be there as I've not eaten anything after the flight! Besides, I don't have to drive! Yeah!

Basically, the night did not ended at dinner! As usual, the activities go on and on till everyone is "down". After the Hot and Spicy dinner, we continue our dessert session in Passion Flower @ Darling Harbour. Bare in mind that it was quite an unusual windy night, considering that Australia is having their summer now. So, it was quite an experience eating ice-cream when non of us have any jacket with us.

So how can we warm ourselves up? Next stop, Shark's Hotel. It's time for some reviews. =) This place is quite a nice place for some chillin' out, some drinking session, and also some pool session. Oh I forgot the most important thing of the night! It was actually Kenny's birthday! So, he has to drink one shot with each of us, which means he has to drink 8 shots! Unfortunately, that idiot puke it all out after the 8th shots and wasted our money on him! So the morale of the story is, don't force a person to drink 8 shots in a row, let him/her finish it in an hour would be great.

That's not the end of the night! We went to GreenBox for another Karaoke session! Justin C. suggested this as he claims that he could actually SING when he is "high"! Well, here we go! Stayed there for another two hours! Enjoyed it very much as I really miss them! To be honest, they are my best buddies in Sydney even thought they are pretty gay... =)

Thanks guys for all the memories! I feel blessed.