Saturday, November 13, 2004

Best Dessert Ever!

Woke up at about 10am this morning. Have absolute no idea why was I waking up so early! Just for your information, I did NOT set the alarm clock today! I wanted to sleep till noon! But why? Why? Why can't you let me sleep till noon?!? Oh well, I suppose it's a habit. I've been waking up at 8am since God knows when...dammit.

Oh...I had this weird dream before i got up. I think me and my friends were in this place call Double Bay, near Stamford Plaza (Hotel where I organized the Malaysian Ball, but why there?!?). And out of the blue, two of them just wanted to have some drifting! You can imagine how crazy it is to drift around Double Bay, which is the upper class suburb in Sydney! But the point is, no one was there to stop them! oh well, it was just a dream...

Let's go back to what I did yesterday. Oh, hmmm, now that I remembered, I actually had a havoc day. Let's not talk about those day time 'incidence'. Let's talk about night time! This is the highlight of my friday!!! David and myself went to this jazz restaurant call Soup Plus (you can see the entrance picture below this blog). This is an awesome place! And this is the second time I went there! When we reached there, they told us that they have some special package thingy for $30, including 2 course meal and door charge! I was like, what?! Didnt's David said that they told him it's $13 when he booked the table through phone? ANYWAYZ, this is lesson for us to listen properly on what people said on the phone. But I think $30 is reasonable coz we will end up ordering food for about that price, so it alright. When we got up to table 18, where our seats were located, there were people sitting there! So we thought we might have to squeeze with that couple as that table could fit 4 people. Nevermind I thought, squeezing is fine for me. David then went to enquire about the seat sharing thingy. Gosh, they were so rude! Especially the lady! I should call her the bloody woman! She was just giving us this disgusted look saying that, NO, I did not tell them that I wanted to share this table! Gosh! I just felt like slapping her face till no one could recognised her! We were just being nice and ask you before we sit down, you don't have to give us this look as if you are the upper class people and we are some street beggers!!! Let's not let this couple spoil our mood, I told myself. The manager got us a place at the very corner of the place, which I think it's a better seat where it's cosy and not too close to the stage too!

Got ourselves a set of entree with main meal and a set of main meal with dessert. As you can see, the name of this restaurant/pub is Soup Plus, you can basically guess that the famous dish is obviously the soup. You can pay the $5 door charge and order a soup with garlic bread, that'll make you full! But that will only be available on Monday till Thursday while Friday and Saturday is $30, which includes a two course meal. Anyway, we didn't order the soup. Instead, we got ourselves the crepe, Veal Saltimbocca, Grilled Barramundi and the ultimate dessert (which will be mention later). The food was great at that price and the band is superb! They had Continental Blues Party yesterday night with soul, blues and down-home funk! Great band with the lead singer who plays the harmonica, keyboardist, guitarist, bassist and drummer. They had 3 jamming session from 8pm till midnight and we were sitting there the whole night eating, chatting, and relaxing in the music.

We had our 'Ultimate Dessert' during the third session of music jamming. Why do I say that it's ULTIMATE? Because this heavenly dessert is a cake made out of a layer of white chocalate fudge, a layer of dark chocalate fudge, and a layer of cheese cake! Seriously, I never thought that it would be that great as it looks really normal and not eye catchy when David brought it over to the table ( we have to take it ourselves at the counter). But when I tried my first bite, I almost melted there! It was AWESOME!!! Besides, the band was playing some blues music at that moment!!! OMG, that was just one of the best moment in my life! And I thought this ultimate heavenly moment is definitely worth sharing in this blog!!! Unfortunately, both of us did not bring any camera! Oh well, it doesnt matter, I've got it in my permanent memory. Anyone who are so happen to be in Sydney got to go Soup Plus! It's a double tumbs up for this. Just for your information, they are going to move to 1 Margaret St (corner of Clerence St), City. So if you still want to grab a chance to have a feel of this underground and 'almost collapse' building, with live jazz music and food, go NOW!!! I suppose this week is the last week for them to have it in this current place, 383 George St, Sydney.

Grab your chance now!

If you like jazz, blues, latin, funk or swing, then Soup Plus is the place for you. Posted by Hello