Friday, November 05, 2004

AJ's Birthday Bash

I've haven't been blogging since...god knows when...probably 2 weeks ago? Anywayz, its time for me to spend some time in blogging now. Let's have some reminiscence on last week!

Had to hand in 2 assignments last week and I only spend less than 24 hours on each assignment! crazy shitz! After handing in those bullcrap, went to BLURnda's house for a home cook meal! I would say that it was the best meal in the week as I have not tasted any Malaysian style home cook food in a while (not that my mum cooks often). Had a great time there and we girls spent a LONG time in preparing to go to AJ's birthday bash. I felt so under-dress after seeing all of them spent like 2 hours in choosing what to wear + make up + choosing shoes to match. Gosh!

Went to meet AJ and all in front of GreenBox. Whoa, I didn't expect him to invite so many people to his Karaoke session! Most of them are AJ's friends from high school (of course there are some Malaysian Club's committee)! At that moment, I felt so old! Anywayz, it seems like we were having our own "little party + pub + concert". Had a 2 hours karaoke session with all the "noise pollution" and not to forget, our crazy drinking session! Also, not to mention that we jump from pub to pub! All you guys can see how crazy we are in the pictures below!


the bday boy with all the HOT CHICZ!!! Posted by Hello

me n jo with some guys...i really forgot their names...sorry dude! Posted by Hello

all the drunkens!!! Posted by Hello

AJ's "trying to be cool" face, but look at his face! he looks gone! Posted by Hello

AJ with the guys! Posted by Hello